Prime Times #5 - Prime Defi Pool, Defi Prime times NFTs and Community Updates

PrimeDAO Monthly Recap

Welcome to Prime Times, a monthly primer covering the developments in and around PrimeDAO.

In this edition;

  • Community Updates: New Discord subchannels; Telegram public group opens; Newsletter periodicity change;

  • PrimeDAO’s DeFi pool launches on dHedge powered by Prime Rating.

  • The hundred DeFi Prime Time attendees received their NFTs. Those who were on the waiting list can find the recordings on our Youtube Channel.

  • PrimeDAO Steward Luuk Weber spoke on decentralized rating at LA Blockchain’s “Blockchain and booze”, watch it here.

Community Updates

As we prepare for the upcoming launches of PrimeDAO’s products, we’re doing some housekeeping to keep our communication with the community more flexible, open, and dynamic. Here are some of the changes:

  1. Our newsletter has a new framework: We will beam you a newsletter with deeper insights whenever there is a new product or event, while keeping Prime Times, formerly bi-weekly, as a monthly recap.

  2. PrimeDao’s Discord Group has new subchannels for each relevant topic of each product. If you aren’t there already, join our discord. Do not hesitate to ask if you need a guide-through.

  3. We’ve created a new open telegram group to incentivize community interaction and participation. Token holder chat will remain unchanged.

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Prime Rating meets dHegde

On March 24th PrimeDao soft-launched a pool in dHedge. The protocol is an innovative, decentralized, permissionless, non-custodial, trustless management tool of Hedge funds. In other words, dHedge enables anyone to be or subscribe to a hedge fund anytime.

The most exciting part is that Prime’s Defi Pool on dHedge is the first use case for Prime Rating, as the pool utilizes the Smart Contract and Fundamental reports to identify and position into the best possible quality of DeFi protocols. The pool is skewed towards the DeFi protocols that received an A+ rating.

Since its inception, the pool has attracted over $140 thousand in value and generated 27% returns after fees. The pool charges a performance fee of 10% on gains made by the pool. Because of the good returns, the Prime DeFi pool qualifies for dHedge performance mining, earning Prime DeFi pool investors 22% APY in dHedge’s native DHT token!

Enter Prime Defi

DeFi Prime Time NFTs

We want to thank everyone who took part in the first-ever DeFi Prime Time. The event reached the full capacity of one hundred attendees and another hundred were spying from the keyhole. The program consisted of a deep dive into PrimeDao’s research areas, and the products we are developing based on them. As a souvenir, those who made it into the rooms PrimeDAO has minted exclusive NFTs for each presentation attended. If you have attended, you can access them at Unique One.

If you missed it this time, do not worry, we have compiled for you all the presentations on a Youtube playlist:

Claim your DeFi Prime Time NFTs

Blockchain, Booze and Decentralized Rating

PrimeDao Steward Luuk Weber went live into a conversation with Don Ho from Quantstamp and Santiago Roel from Parafi at Blockchain & Booze. For an hour and twenty, they went into a deep discussion ranging from metrics to rate DeFi projects to Web 3.0 as a whole. B&B is a casual weekly meetup with “some of the most interesting and accomplished individuals in the blockchain industry” to discuss a particular topic. The event is hosted by the leading conference & expo L.A Blockchain Summit produced by Draper Goren Holm.

Watch the whole conversation here:

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