Prime Times #3 - Earn REP by Locking PRIME, Product Overview and Giveaway

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Welcome to Prime Times, a bi-weekly primer covering the developments in and around PrimeDAO.

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ℹ️ Did you know you can add the Prime token (incl the icon) to your Metamask by pressing the Metamask button on the PrimeDAO Coingecko page?

Lock your PRIME to earn REP (voting power) in PrimeDAO

Good Governance has been at the core of PrimeDAO’s existence ever since our launch in November 2020. To further align all DAO participants with Prime's long-term success, the DAO has come up with a locking mechanism that lets PRIME holders earn voting rights — also called Reputation (REP) — by voluntarily withdrawing PRIME from circulation.

Reputation will allow PRIME holders to vote on DAO-funded proposals, interface, and protocol changes as PrimeDAO paves the way towards sustainable decentralized finance. Locking tokens ensures that the PRIME holders who want to participate in governance will have to be conscious of their votes' long-term impact — a principle known as skin in the game.

Note: PrimeDAO has determined that any individual in the DAO should not possess more than 500 REP. With this in mind, any locks that result in higher than 500 REP will have their Reputation slashed by the DAO.

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PrimeDAO Product Overview

On Tuesday, February 9th, the active squads of Builder Cycle #2 presented an overview of their progress over the past weeks. The walkthroughs have been uploaded to PrimeDAO’s Youtube Channel and can be viewed below. 👇

- Prime Rating
- IDO Interface

DeFi Prime Time live event on March 10th

We’re excited to invite you to DeFi Prime Time, an interactive digital conference about the latest developments in DeFi and PrimeDAO.

The event aims to highlight and document this activity, creating clear avenues of engagement, producing evergreen content with a human feel, and helping enthusiasts to share the grand vision of PrimeDAO.

If you’re interested in the development of DeFi and PrimeDAO, register for free here.

🤖 Don’t forget to add your ETH address when registering your ticket for a chance to win PrimeDAO rewards!

Win a Warm with Prime Sweatshirt

In support of increased DAO cooperation, members of PrimeDAO propose creating a DGov Pool: a joint liquidity pool on the Balancer protocol for those DAOs who have made credible commitments to decentralization and already overlap in their ecosystem cooperation.

Help us find the right partners for the DGOV Pool to win a Prime Sweater from + 1000 #PRIME. Head over to our Twitter and tag the project you think would be a great fit for the DGOV pool! 👇

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PrimeDAO cultivates a competent and well-funded builder community and establishes coordination mechanisms that sustain ongoing operations to become a much-needed DeFi Schelling point. The DAO’s goal is to produce and maintain a community-owned set of products and services everyone can access and benefit from — both early and mass adopters.

If you are an individual or organization who wants to join PrimeDAO in its mission to move open finance forward safely and inclusively, join us on Discord or read the Contributor Onboarding.

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